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On Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 09:40 AM, Bob Bellizzi wrote:
instead of insisting Mark make changes to the system to just to suit a couple of people.
Well, (a) nobody is "insisting" on anything. We make our cases here and Mark is capable of making his own decisions as to priority And (b) you have no evidence for your claim that the request is just to suit "a couple of people." This has been a bit of a PITA for me and my mods over time, although nothing I'd necessarily have brought up here. Who knows how many don't like it? No vote has been taken, and even if one were taken on beta, it's not necessarily a representative sample of all users.

But as long as it has come up, I'm adding my voice to express my opini-n that the current situation, where mods can't see what they can and can't do, is at best not ideal and at worst a PITA.

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