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On Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 11:34 AM, Jeremy H wrote:
A further point to mention - as it is relevant, and needs to be catered for - is that it possible (and reasonable) for a moderator to have no specific privileges (but just be a moderator), which gives them access to various features, which can be set to '(all) moderators only'.
My only concern about that is the nightmare it makes for implementation, and given that most groups have very few moderators in sheer number, it is not at all difficult for an owner to select (or deselect) from the default slate they're presented with when naming someone moderator.

I moderate elsewhere, where the moderation team covers the equivalent of about 50-60 groups, and I think we have around 10 people who are moderators.  The moderator role would not, in my experience over the years, ever involve numbers of people at any one time that a group owner or owners should not be able to easily manage directly.

I stand by my original assertion that all moderator powers, granted or not, should be visible to an individual moderator by default.  If the group owner wants "non-granted" powers to be invisible, that could easily be made an option, and an option that should be OFF unless they choose to turn it ON when creating a moderator.  Naming someone as moderator, where rational conversation about granting additional powers cannot be reliably had, indicates a very questionable choice of moderator to begin with.  We know we're not group owners, but we need to know what we can do and, preferably what we can't.   I have asked for additional permissions to be granted in the past (based on what I know the full slate to be from membership in a testing group) and could make a rational case for the request.  I have yet to be turned down.

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