moderated Re: Moderator Permissions

Chris Jones

On Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 04:34 PM, Jeremy H wrote:
A further point to mention - as it is relevant, and needs to be catered for - is that it possible (and reasonable) for a moderator to have no specific privileges (but just be a moderator), which gives them access to various features, which can be set to '(all) moderators only'.
I think you would need to clarify exactly what you mean by a moderator to have no specific privileges. Now it would be possible (I suppose) to appoint a subscriber as a moderator but not give them any of the permissions in the picklist, unless of course the system spots that and stops you doing it! As it happens anyone thus appointed would still have permissions to upload / edit material to the Files & Photos sections (etc) if those sections were set to Owners & Moderators only.

FWIW I simply cannot see what your suggestion would achieve. The objective of my suggestion detailed in the initial post on this topic is for moderators to know exactly what permissions they do and do not have; as Catlady clearly stated in her post Without that, it's a guessing game. If a puzzled moderator comes to the GMF (or here, for that matter) for guidance about some difficulty it becomes impossible to give any sort of meaningful answer if the person concerned has no clear view of the permissions they have and no straightforward means of finding out either.


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