moderated Saving graphics from Messge area


Why the messages are no use as it stands right now to graphic type groups?
 (Maybe this is a bug)
When a graphic or Paint Shop Pro tube is sent in a message and then it is saved by email, the name of the tube or graphic is associated with the tube.
Example attachment #1 Fresh Bread PNG Clip art 26751
When the same tube is saved from the message area it is given a number like 0, 0(1), etc. So when members go to save these graphics from the message area, they do not have the name of the image.   
Example #2 calls the image 0 
They can't even saved correctly. Now if you were to save the images from the message area for all of the messages you would get multiple images named 0, some with 0 (1), some with 0 (2) if they were all in the same message. Now you go to another message and save the 1 graphic there you would get 0 all over again.

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