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Sarah k Alawami

I can see that, and that could be a viable option. Mark?

On 15 Apr 2019, at 11:38, Brian Vogel wrote:


            Hence the reason I say that a "Hide then Lock" feature could be used to avoid said situation.   I recall the topics you're making reference to, and in all cases it was because a locked topic had subsequently been deleted that the "raising from the dead" could occur. does not (and perhaps cannot) keep a log of deleted topics such that if someone attempts to reply to one via e-mail that it will bounce (and that's what I'd want it to do).

             If I can keep the topic, but hide it, then lock it, it is still a part of the group topic structure, but not accessible to the membership at large for further interaction, which is what I'd be looking for on certain occasions.


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