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            I don't know how a case that isn't obvious could be made, but I'll try.   You are a member, along with myself, on the NVDA group, which has 1116 members, according to its main page, linked to.  You are a moderator on some groups, and a member on others, so you will be able to see direct examples of both situations, depending on what group you're viewing at the moment via the web interface.

            If I, as moderator, go in to the moderators membership list, which is sorted by "date of member joining" most recent to oldest by default, and want to find you, I can type Alawami in the search box, click the button, and there is your profile and only your profile.   My only option for sort order change that I can see is reversing the date to oldest to newest, which would be useless with over 1000 members if I couldn't search for just one.

            Contrast that to what you encounter if you choose to view the Member Directory that's available to the membership at large instead.  On the NVDA member directory, (and this appears to be the same structure everywhere) your first page is a 3x20 grid of members, sorted alphabetically by display name, and only the first 9 pages are directly accessible via the navigation strip at the bottom.  Once you move up the pages the next page numbers come into view on that navigation strip.  In total, there are 18 pages, 17 of which contain the full count of 60 members who have visible profiles.   Do you really want to go sifting through that, page by page, if you're trying to locate a specific member's profile, regardless of the purpose?   I sure don't.

             It is completely conventional on every other forum I'm on to be able to search the entirety of the public member profiles, and the individual member decides the public/private status of their profile when setting up their account, and can change that at any time.

             I don't know of a single soul who's used any recent software who doesn't know that individual members have that option, and if they've exercised going with a private profile it's not going to show up in search results.  It can't.

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