moderated Hide Topic Function #suggestion

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

It's not something that's needed all that often, but it's very handy to have.

There are occasions when a topic is introduced where additional discussion among group management may be needed to decide whether or not it should be permitted.  You don't want to delete the topic, and locking the topic still allows it to appear, which you don't want, either.  It could also be a great tool if a "cooling off period" on a given topic became desirable.

The ability to remove a topic from view, and the ability to interact with it, would be very helpful.  Just like members get a, "this topic is locked," message back if they attempt to respond by e-mail to a locked topic, a similar message such as, "this topic is currently under review and cannot be added to until review is complete," could be sent if someone attempted to reply to a topic that has since been hidden.


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