moderated Re: "Likes" revisited

Samuel Murrayy

On 2019/04/15 02:08 AM, J_Catlady wrote:

If we can't turn off Likes on a per-group basis, I'm requesting the ability to turn off Likes on specific messages within a group.
Do you mean:
1. the user would turn it off when they post the message, or
2. the user should be allowed to turn it off later, or
3. the moderator would turn it off at some point in time, or
4. it would automatically be turned off if a certain hashtag is present

I'm not sure if #4 is possible, since AFAIU hashtags on non-first messages in a topic are not processed by the system (or: does adding a hashtag qualify something as a "new topic"?).

A question w.r.t. #1/#2 is whether there would be a mechanism for e-mail users to turn off likes on their messages, without having to visit the site.

Or, do you mean:
5. there would be a group setting (set by the moderator) like "after a message has reached X number of likes, disallow further likes" (or other conditions that work on a per group basis but which turn off likes on a per-message basis).


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