moderated Re: email address from sender

Dave Sergeant

On 14 Apr 2019 at 9:28, Brian Vogel wrote:

If you're using the e-mail interface, and the group was set up to allow
private messages, there is a link at the end of every individual
message, "Reply to Sender,"
Only in HTML mails, not in plain text if the group or user has
configured for plain text only. There used to be one there but it
disappeared a while back when Mark revised the footers.

I am a bit puzzled. In virtually all my groups members assume their
email addresses will appear in their postings and occasionally want to
reply to senders off list. Even DMARC does not hide the sender's
address, it just needs a bit of jiggery pokery to work it out. I for
one would request the sender's address is even more easy to find.


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