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On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 05:42 AM, Samuel Murray wrote: does not have a "private message" feature yet, right?
It certainly does.   If you're using the e-mail interface, and the group was set up to allow private messages, there is a link at the end of every individual message, "Reply to Sender," that will prepopulate a blank e-mail message with the original message sender's address and the subject with "Private: " followed by the subject.  When reading on the web interface, the same thing is implemented via the "Private" button at the lower right under the compose area.

There's no truly simple way to PM a random group member directly via e-mail if you're not looking at a message from them, but it can still be done by going to the group's directory page, finding the member you wish to e-mail privately, and clicking the e-mail button associated with them (if they've allowed for it to be presented).

One cannot search the group directory, though, if there are a huge number of members (or at least I've not found the function).

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