moderated Re: auto-check "moderated" box on topic if marked with moderated hashtag #suggestion

Gerald Boutin <groupsio@...>

The checkbox you are referring to currently shows the status of the "Topic Moderated" setting. This is independent from the "Moderated by Hashtag" setting. In other words, either being set will cause the topic to be moderated.

If you un-check that box in edit Topic, what would you expect to have happen? Both the Hashtag and Topic Moderated settings are cleared?

I can see that it may not be obvious from memory after looking at the email for a few moments and not realizing that the topic already includes moderation by hashtag. What about just continuing to display the Moderated Icon in the title line when doing the edit topic? Perhaps the label of the checkbox could be changed to make it cleared that it only refers to "Moderated by Topic".


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