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On Sun, Apr 14, 2019 at 04:26 AM, Chris Jones wrote:
I created a Group_Management hashtag in a rather lurid colour. Doesn't force people to read it of course, but it makes such stickies harder to miss.
Lurid is good. :-)

Seriously: what I've done is implement Chris's idea to the max. I now have only one actual sticky topic, which consists of a consolidation of all the former stickies. It's a list of pointers to them and it also contains an explanation of the new hashtag, which is called #STICKY, is bright red, and has been added to all the former stickies. The title of the one remaining sticky is in in all caps: HOW TO FIND STICKY TOPICS IN THIS GROUP.  For my purposes, it works almost exactly as the feature I requested.

Granted, you have to click on the sticky to see the titles of the topics, instead of having the titles of the stickies in people's faces; in at least one group I know of, the titles of the stickies are short summaries of the group's posting rules, so people are constantly forced to see the rules. 

I will probably hone the system over time as people get more used to it and new members show up. For example, I will probably change the title to something like "IMPORTANT TOPICS" and cut out much of the explanatory text about the new system. It will end up just saying something like, "This is a list of important current or past topics in the group. If you are a new member, please find time to read them. You can also find them all at any time by doing a search on #STICKY or by clicking on the #STICKY hashtag."

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