moderated e-mail control of "Following Only," "First Messages Also," and "Auto Follow Replies" Advanced Subscription Preferences #suggestion

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

After asking on Group Managers Forum it appears that controls to set/unset these advanced preferences by e-mail message does not exist.

I am currently trying to encourage members of several groups I'm on to actually use "Following Only" and "First Messages Also" to implement topic preview and "Auto Follow Replies" so that any topics they initiate or reply to will be followed.   All of these groups are composed of well above 90% of members using the e-mail interface alone.

At first I thought there might be a logical reason these are not available via e-mail like subscribe/unsubscribe/post/etc., but after thinking about it for quite a while I cannot see a technical barrier to same.  It would be nice for these settings to be toggled via the e-mail interface.   I do not participate on any group where any one of these features is disabled, and I do not even know if they can be disabled.  If they were to be disabled, then any attempt to toggle by e-mail message should just go to the bit bucket and have an autoreply go back to the member that the feature is disabled on "this group" (whatever this group happens to be).


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