moderated email address from sender

Michael Cope <mcope@...>

I know the issue of hiding the FROM email address (although not the NAME) has been discussed before.  I know several folks have requested it.  No need to rehash all of that.

I know some have said this is impossible....can't be done....makes it not an email list...etc.

I submit it has already been done.  You have already done it  in order to make compatible with DMARC.  You know HOW to do it and every DMARC compatible email list has to deal with changing the FROM email it seems that it should be a small task to simply allow an option in the Subscription to let individual users hide their FROM address (but not their Name) and have whatever would work substituted in that field.  You already have a REPLY TO address so perhaps that will work ad the FROM email address field...but given DMARC something works and you already modify the FROM address when required by DMARC.

I have some who refuse to join the group entirely because they don't want their email address divulged...yes I know they are not divulged if accessed from the web but someone who wishes to endrun our group protocol of only directly emailing others with their explicit permission is smart enough to just read the emails and violate our courtesy rules.

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