moderated separate (optional!) tab for sticky messages #suggestion


I am always trying to cut down on the number of stickies in my group, because they take up prime real estate at the top of the Topics list, forcing people to scroll through them. There are some topics I really want to appear at the top, but there are many others that I just want to be easily accessible, but not so in-your-face as to be always at the top of the list.

A separate tab at the left for "sticky topics" (or other terminology) would solve this problem. Right now, the choice is between important, often-cited topics to be either (1) accumulating at the top of the Topics list, causing inconvenience; or (2) on the other hand, locatable only via a search.

Maybe the tab would not have to be called "stickies." To avoid confusion, it could be given another name. But it would consist of topics that a group wants to have easily locatable and available to group members, akin to files.

A wiki page could be used for this; you could have a wiki page that accumulated links to important threads. But that would call for members having to scroll through the wiki, which in our group is particularly large, knowing which page to look for. A separate tab would be more convenient and more obvious.

Like the group guidelines, it would be optional per group, and the tab would appear only if a group creates such a list.

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