moderated Re: Do not enlarge small images #suggestion #bug

Samuel Murrayy

On 2019/04/12 01:24 PM, Chris Jones via Groups.Io wrote:

What are your /Max Size In Photos Section/ and /Max Size in Email/ Settings?
I don't understand how these settings are relevant to my suggestion/bug report. The max size settings affect reducing image dimensions, but does not (or: should logically not) affect increasing image dimensions.

Image dimensions are reduced as soon as the "max size" threshold is reached. This is presumably for two reasons, namely (a) reduced dimensions are somewhat related to reduced file size, and (b) you might want to be able to see the entire image on your screen without using scroll bars (or without using them too much).

There are no good reasons that I can think of for increasing image dimensions. Increasing the image dimensions reduces image quality. The only people who might benefit from image dimension increases are (a) people who have bad eyesight and (b) people using small devices with high screen resolutions (e.g. smartphones).


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