moderated Re: Ability to add hashtags to file upload notifications #suggestion

Andy Wedge

On Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 01:00 PM, Duane wrote:
probably wouldn't solve your problem of the posts going into the same thread if several files needing the same hashtag were uploaded in a short time.  Maybe if all notifications of this type could be forced to start a new topic?
Yes, I think there are two different but related issues here.  One,that multiple file uploads get merged to the same thread (if they fall within the 2 day window of the threading algorithm) and two,the files that are uploaded could be completely unrelated to each other and therefore of more interest to some members than others.

As I mentioned on GMF, adding a filename to the subject of the notification message may make it more unique and limit the chance of threading but some filenames may be long and that may impact the display of the message subject on some mobile devices where screen real estate is at a premium.

Forcing each file upload notification to be a new topic would obviously stop the threading process but would prevent members being able to mute those notifications as each topic would have a different  number that the muting process relies on. The ability to add a hashtag would certainly give members more control over which notifications they receive.

I think I also have to correct myself regarding the steps I proposed in being able to add a hashtag where I said I put myself on moderation. When doing some initial testing I think I must have put myself on moderation and also moderated an existing upload notification message. I could therefore edit a subsequent pending notice before it went to the group.  I've just done another test and despite the fact that I had moderated myself, that setting was ignored a new upload notice was sent anyway.


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