moderated Re: Option to set expiry date on nomail/special notice

Samuel Murrayy

On 2019/04/11 02:14 PM, Duane wrote:

This would be similar to the proposal in
It is my understanding that that proposal is for an account status ("vacation" would be a good label) that you can set at user account level, which would not affect your subscription setting in individual groups but which would result in you not getting any mail while the vacation setting is active.

Presumably the fact that your account is set to "vacation" status would be visible to moderators of the individual groups that you're a member of.

The advantage here is that it is a single setting that stops your mail in all groups at once. And yes, being able to set an end-date would make sense as well. The disadvantage (if you can call it that) would be that unless you can set any individual groups to override the vacation setting, your vacation status would affect all your groups.

This is not a bad idea, but not quite what I had in mind (due to not being able to set it per group).

If there were an additional subscription setting named Vacation, it would be distinct from NoEmail to make it easier to monitor your own status for various groups, as well as to set an automatic time span for it.
That's a nice idea: have a subscription setting (that you can set individually for any or all of your groups) called "Vacation", which [initially] has the same effect as "nomail" but which allows you also set an end-date, so that the vacation status automatically reverts after that date.

It would also solve the issue of the fact that some people use "nomail" because they're away and others use "nomail" because they NOT away.


I suppose another feature which might solve my original issue would be a weekly or monthly digest (or summary, with just subject lines) instead of a daily one. The point is to reduce the number of messages from mailing lists while you're "away".


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