moderated Re: Option to set expiry date on nomail/special notice

Samuel Murrayy

On 2019/04/11 09:58 AM, Samuel Murray wrote:

Make it possible for members to go nomail for a set period of time
only. In other words, when they change their subscription to
"nomail", they [can] also set for how many days they want to be
nomail, and once that time is over, their subscription automatically
reverts to the previous subscription setting (or: to digest).
Just to be clear: my post contained two suggestions:

1. The ability for users to set a time limit on their own nomail.
2. An few enhancements for #1, relating to moderator options.

Suggestion #2 is not the main suggestion here. Suggestion #1 does not
rely on whether or not there are enhancements for moderators.


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