moderated Re: Option to set expiry date on nomail/special notice

Samuel Murrayy

On 2019/04/11 10:58 AM, Chris Jones via Groups.Io wrote:

I can only speak for myself, but I am a "no mail" subscriber to
numerous groups because I much prefer to work from the web UI.
Yes, the reason you mention is one very valid reason to be on "nomail",
and my suggestion is not meant to affect such subscribers.

[It is somewhat unfortunate that users are forced to use the "nomail"
feature for two different things: for saying "I want to read via the web
site" and for saying "I don't want to participate for a while", i.e.
there is no separate settings for people who want to be active
participants but receive no mail, and users who usually want to receive
mail but just not for a short period of time.]

However, for users who typically participate via e-mail, and who set
their account to nomail due to temporary absence (e.g. going away on
holiday), it would be helpful if they don't have to remember not to
forget to set their accounts to normal again.

Also, I have been a member of groups where the group owners frown on
members being nomail for no good reason. In fact, in one group you got
kicked out if you dared go nomail. Some people are sensitive about such
things. A guarantee that the nomail is temporary would help.

Assuming that your proposal would be "optional" it would be an option
I would not invoke.
Yes, it should be entirely optional.

If the group owner does not *require* auto-unnomail, then users are free
to use the feature if the want to, or not.

If the group owner does want to require auto-unnomail, he can set the
maximum nomail time if he wants to set a maximum, or not.

I would hate it if some sort of "delivery option management" was forced on to moderators.
Sorry, I'm using "group owner" to mean "moderators".

What is the intended purpose behind this suggestion?
For users who use the nomail feature like they use an out-of-office
reply (i.e. to stop receiving mails for a short while), it would be
helpful to be able to set a specified time that they're nomail (in the
same way that you would set your out-of-office reply to be active for a
set period of time).

How members read posts is of little import;...
It is not my intention that members who want to read via the web site
should be inconvenienced (although I can see how that may become
possible, if a group owner chooses to set a required time limit on a
group where some users don't want to set their subscription to special

What's next? A "minimum number of posts per day/week/month/year"?
My suggestion has nothing to do with setting limits or quotas on


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