moderated Re: Why isn't there a "don't like" option, in addition to the "like" option?

Marv Waschke

I'll go even farther. The groups I work with go a long way to encourage people to express their thoughts on the subjects under discussion. The moderators try hard to express appreciation for everyone who takes the trouble to comment and soothe ruffled feathers when someone's opinion is put down, which is not the same as disagreement. The result is a pleasant experience for all. When someone goes rogue, there are many tools: outright bans, placing on moderation, private emails, public replies, and silence all have their place. 

I would not welcome a "dislike" option because it would make it easy to put someone down without explaining why. I see "dislikes" making moderation more difficult for groups that I enjoy.
Best, Marv

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