moderated Re: Suggestion for new feed page

Holly <holly@...>

Well, it did start as a suggestion for the feed page :) But I won't clutter up the list with stuff that isn't related to improvement suggestions.

Thanks, that idea worked for me. The feed page remains strange - it doesn't show me the last page I visited, which is usually my bounce page, but it varies randomly between the and


On 4/5/19 10:23 AM, Ken Kloeber via Groups.Io wrote:
You should probably take this discussion over to the GMF but...
You don’t need to be annoyed. Don’t worry, be happy!
Go back to the page you like.
X out. The next <> will take you back there and will continue to take you there unless you X out with the feed page open.
You don’t need to keep a page open, just put a link on your browser top bar or save a link to a convenient place like your start menu or desktop if on a PC

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