moderated Re: What do you like best about Feeds?


On Fri, Apr 5, 2019 at 06:35 AM, HR Tech wrote:
Do you mind that a feed is inherently in chronological reverse order?
No, I would not mind a feed that shows messages in reverse chrono order, because a feed by definition should display elements in reverse chrono order. In fact, wish the feed were more reverse-chrono instead of displaying whole topics, which display in chrono order (oldest first). If the "feed" (which I still think would be more aptly named the "recent activity page") were to display the most recent individual messages, it would be truer to what one would expect from a feed.

All of that said, nothing about the feed bothers me because I don't use it and it's now easy to avoid. I just peek at it every so often to see what our members are seeing. :) 

As far as limiting the question to people who like feeds, I was only thinking that a more appropriate target audience for the question might be the totality of users, who may or may not be mostly of the ilk who like feeds. But with the current ability to effectively turn off the feed in favor of the groups list, that becomes mostly moot, except for new users, who may need some hand-holding in the beginning to switch).

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