moderated Re: Suggestion for new feed page

Holly <holly@...>

When I went to earlier, it gave me what I thought was the feed page - a list of the groups I belong to, with the one I own on top.

When I went to, it showed me the groups I belong to with the most active at the top - not a useful arrangement for me.

When I went to just now, after reading your email, I found myself with the "feed" layout.

I'm confused and annoyed at this point and glad that I don't use the web interface very much! I'll just go back to keeping the bouncing members page open in my browser and refresh that as needed. Everything else I can manage via email.


On 4/4/19 6:13 PM, Ken Kloeber via Groups.Io wrote:
HTTPS:// is the feed page.
She remembers your last choice and you’re redirected to there.
So after, if you go to Your Groups, that’s what will open next on
If you go to Topics. The next will take you to topics.
BTW, setting a Mobile icon (group Admin settings) is the icon that shows up in the group feed. (Not when you use a mobile browser.)

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