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Chris Jones

On Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 07:37 PM, D R Stinson wrote:
There can be ideas implemented that some groups don't use. That doesn't make them bad - it simply means they might not work for you.
Quite so. But in some instances proposals which might be all upside from the proposer's viewpoint might have serious downsides for others; the Law of Unintended Consequences.

I don't get involved with Databases, Calendars, Subgroups etc for the simple reason that no group of which I am a member uses them. I might well read GMF/beta posts about them, but I do not participate because they are subjects on which I am insufficiently informed.

However, if there is a proposal which IMHO has a potentially serious downside that would affect the way in which "my" group works, then I will say so, and it may be worth emphasising that I will raise my concerns irrespective of its originator being identified or anonymous. Having an unidentified originator does not make a poor, ill thought out suggestion a good one!

Now - at the risk of going on a bit - I want to illustrate how misunderstandings can arise. In my previous post I quoted this as a starting point: People could then easily voice their concerns and complaints with a particular group to the group owners without having to suffer, or worrying about suffering, negative consequences.

As written that means anonymous complaints to group owners. However, one or two "comments on my comments" read it as meaning comments posted to a group anonymously, but being identifiable to moderators at moderation. What moderation? Messages to group owners aren't moderated. So (IMHO) there was a clear misinterpretation of what had been written, with a completely different meaning assigned to it.

If what had been written hadn't meant concerns and complaints with a particular group to the group owners then it simply should not have been written that way, and it shouldn't have been interpreted as saying something it doesn't. I know that is a bit pedantic, but it does illustrate that things can be capable of misinterpretation and that care is need to make sure that what we write is actually what we mean to write. 


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