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I agree with Dano about the open-mindedness. I usually try to make evaluative statements only explicitly as my opinion, but I figure my signature covers that caveat. In the case of anonymous suggestions, I happen to be of the same opinion as Chris that I would not want them onlist in my particular group. We’ve had our share of trolls and disgruntled members. But I agree with Dano that it would be good for us all to be more open-minded. In some groups, anonymity would be just fine. (I even weighed in on someone elses’s idea of anonymous groups as something that I would personally use for a different application.)

On Apr 4, 2019, at 11:37 AM, D R Stinson <> wrote:

Chris, in a statement that ignores how others might run their groups, stated firmly:
Needless to say Reply (Anonymous) must not be an option!
This seems to illustrate where the beta group in the past was much more thoughtful and open-minded toward ideas. It was understood that every idea might have some utility for someone.

What would have been said before is that an anonymous comment =should= be an option that can be turned off by the individual owner.

There can be ideas implemented that some groups don't use. That doesn't make them bad - it simply means they might not work for you.



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