moderated Re: Anonymous suggestion box #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy

On 2019/04/04 08:08 PM, Chris Jones via Groups.Io wrote:

As things stand if any member sets about causing trouble of any sort
we are able to deal with them appropriately, up to and including
banning them completely. If they were to be anonymous, we couldn't.
No, that's true, but I imagined that such anonymous posts would be
moderated, and that the bar for having one's post approved would be
quite high.

I tried to make the suggestion as simple as possible, but obviously n
improvement would be to require that people are registered to use the
suggestion box, and that the person's identity is revealed to the
moderator, even if the post is "anonymous" when it gets to the group.
But I assumed that that would be more effort to program.

But a new tab (on beta), called *New Topic (Anonymous)* might work.
It would guarantee that the user was already a member of beta, which
would cut down on the possibility of crank posts.
Nice idea. I think the identity of the poster should still be visible
to the moderator who gets to approve the post. I wonder how useful such
an option would be for groups in general.

Needless to say *Reply (Anonymous)* must not be an option!
No, that would be silly (at least in the case under discussion).
Whether anonymous replying should be available if such a feature were to
be implemented for all groups, would be up to the group owner, but for
the beta group, anonymous replying would serve no purpose whatsoever.


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