moderated Re: Anonymous suggestion box #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 09:53 PM, J_Catlady wrote:
People could then easily voice their concerns and complaints with a particular group to the group owners without having to suffer, or worrying about suffering, negative consequences.
As a group moderator / co - owner I am most unhappy with the idea that our members could post anonymous messages of any sort to our triumvirate. It might not result in "suffering, negative consequences" for the anonymous member(s) but it most definitely could for the owner and moderators for the group in question. As things stand if any member sets about causing trouble of any sort we are able to deal with them appropriately, up to and including banning them completely. If they were to be anonymous, we couldn't.

Sorry, but I think that is a dreadful idea.

That said I can see some merit in the concept of being able to make a suggestion anonymously, but (to raise another negative) not via About as suggested by Samuel. It would give anonymous access to far, far, too many people. But a new tab (on beta), called New Topic (Anonymous) might work. It would guarantee that the user was already a member of beta, which would cut down on the possibility of crank posts. IMHO having a wide open door to anonymous posts would result in a log jam either at HQ, or here on beta, or possibly both.

Needless to say Reply (Anonymous) must not be an option!


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