moderated Re: Suggestion for new feed page

Holly <holly@...>

OK, I was totally confused :) I went to and assumed that would be the feed page. From there it's 2 clicks to get into a group.

The actual feed page, as you obviously know :), is That's really not my style, since I want on top the group I own, which won't be the one with the most traffic, so won't be bothering with it.

Thanks for the BFO :)


On 4/4/19 10:05 AM, Duane wrote:
On Thu, Apr 4, 2019 at 08:50 AM, Holly wrote:
I expected the group names to be links taking me directly to those
Might not be a bad idea, but you may have overlooked something.  There are two ways to get directly to a group from the feed page.  Clicking on the group 'logo' to the left of the description or using the View All to the right of the Active Topics label.  Both will take you to the Topics view of the group though, not the home page.

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