moderated Re: Anonymous suggestion box #suggestion

Marv Waschke

I've worked on a lot of software projects, used, designed, developed, presided over a lot of different defect/suggestion systems. How well they work seems to depend more on the people who use them than the mechanics of the system. I observe that people who own and moderate discussion groups tend to be chatty, opinionated, contentious, etc. (myself included.) It's why we're here.  Given the nature of the user base, this system works pretty well. No one is excluded, the discussions are pretty much to the point, and good ideas surface and are wrung out.

If I were to do anything, I'd add a formal tracking and queue management system with priority rankings, status(reject, under consideration, queued, in  work, testing, whatever) and ETAs like bugzilla but that's overkill for the size of Mark's operation. If he had 10 engineers working, sure, but tending a tracking system is work too. On my projects, we usually had someone assigned to administer the tracking system and that often approached a full time job.
Best, Marv

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