moderated Suggestion for new feed page

Holly <holly@...>

I just went to my feed page for the first time (nearly everything I do is via email so don't visit very often), and I rather like it. After all the discussion I thought I wouldn't - I still don't like the FaceBook feed pages after I guess 4 years or so, but this one is clean and easy to navigate.

However, I expected the group names to be links taking me directly to those groups - not because I thought that I understood it to be the case from discussions here, but just because it seemed logical with the format I saw on the feed page. Instead, I had to do <gasping> :) a whole 2 more clicks to get to the group I own - clicking on groups in the side bar, then on the group in question.

Is it easily doable to make the group names in the feed page linked to the group in question? Do others feel this would be a nice function to add?



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