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I'm tired of all this noise. The biggest logical fallacy put forth here is that beta is a 'democracy'. Groups are not democracies, and certainly when the developer is involved they are not. Groups are at best benevolent dictatorships, because they have an owner who is in charge of them. And trying to speak for the product developer, who owns and manages all of this, or tell other people what is right or not right could be a big mistake.

J offered a very reasonable request. I can see the value in the idea. It was simple and straightforward. =That idea is now Mark's, to do with as he deems worthy.= Shal also added that this discussion is beyond what Mark has asked for here on beta, and he is correct. Beyond that I have read nothing of significant substance - just puffery. In my opinion, this whole discussion should move to GMF.

I also think this thread is a good argument against 'likes'. It's just crows squawking at each other instead of offering anything useful.

Since the 'big migration' there seems to be so many noisy people everywhere who want to sound so wise, but wind up sounding more like biblical 'clanging gongs'.


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I hope that Mark puts this hapless thread out of its misery, and soon.

There wouldn't BE a THREAD if folks didn't continually and continuously respond with snippits and barbs and trying to be Marks Personal Beta Assistant (or would that be Personal Trainer?)

Let a suggestion stand and then I'm fairly certain that Mark has the mental capacity to understand and pass judgment on it.

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