moderated Re: Anonymous suggestion box #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy

On 2019/04/03 09:24 PM, J_Catlady wrote:

In my version, the box is routed to Mark or a surrogate
(not to a group) and is not anonymous, leaving Mark with the ability
to ask questions about the proposed suggestions...
Routing the suggestion to just one small group of people who may have better things to do, would defeat the purpose of my proposal, which is to save the developers from having to "ask questions" to suggestors individually.

The developers are subscribed to the beta group, and they are smart enough to set filters on their mail clients to flag initial posts labelled #anonymous... if they really believe that such suggestions are likely to be of higher value than suggestions made by people who took the effort to join the beta group and offer their suggestions up for peer scrutiny.


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