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I was going to propose something like this on an individual group basis, in addition to an overall suggestion box. In my version, the box is routed to Mark or a surrogate (not to a group) and is not anonymous, leaving Mark with the ability to ask questions about the proposed suggestions; whereas the individual group suggestion boxes would be anonymous, one-shot messages touted to the group owner.

On Apr 3, 2019, at 12:18 PM, Samuel Murray <> wrote:

Hello everyone

[Reposting as a separate topic because I'm curious about what others think of this idea. Following on Mrs Catlady's suggestion about a separate suggestion feature.]

I would like to propose that opportunity do be given to people to make anonymous suggestions, i.e. make suggestions without revealing their own identity and without feeling a need to be drawn into a discussion about their suggestions.

This feature would take the form of a suggestion box that is linked to from the About page.

However, unlike Mrs Catlady's suggestion of a separate mailing list, I would propose that such anonymous suggestions get sent straight to the beta list.

Such tips would obviously be moderated, so that people can't use the
feature to spam the group anonymously.

The messages can get a special subject line flag [anon] or a hashtag #anonymous to make it clear to group members that it was submitted anonymously, and to make it easier for the developers to find such suggestions' initial posts.

This would allow people to submit RFEs without themselves having to sign up for the beta list, while giving the developers all the benefits of new suggestions being discussed.

The only downside is that proposers would not be able to help clarify their suggestions, but presumably they would not want to do so anyway, even if given the opportunity. In some cases the fact that the original proposer is not there to "defend" his suggestion may even lead to higher quality or more tightly focused discussions in some cases.

Upon clicking the submit button, the anonymous tip giver can then get a
confirmation message on screen, saying that his suggestion was successfully posted to the suggestions mailing list, and that if he is interested in what others think of his suggestion, he can bookmark the link and visit back.

This suggestion does not solve Mrs. Catlady's problem about "ownership" of the idea, but I don't understand the idea of ownership of ideas anyway. If a user really, really wants to "own" his suggestion, he can mail the developers directly.

So, what do you think?



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