moderated Re: email addresses for suggesting features offlist from beta #suggestion


I hope that Mark puts this hapless thread out of its misery, and soon.

There wouldn't BE a THREAD if folks didn't continually and continuously respond with snippits and barbs and trying to be Marks Personal Beta Assistant (or would that be Personal Trainer?) 

Let a suggestion stand and then I'm fairly certain that Mark has the mental capacity to understand and pass judgment on it.

If there's something to add to, or clarify, or improve, or is germane generally/genuinely positive to the suggestion, make it, but stop the back and forth, which is BETA BLOAT in itself.  I love when someone says "I'm done" (until of course, they aren't done.) If it's a really dumb (to be defined) suggestion, I don't believe that Mark needs a personal assistant to expain that to him.
(now I'm done LOL)

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