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It’s not a “logical fallacy.” He’s said not to argue about the value of a proposed feature. The suggestion box is a proposed feature.

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When that suggestion box is clearly intended to hide suggestions from view so that discussion is impossible, it most certainly does affect us all.
Some users may decide not to give suggestions at all if they can't sometimes do it in a simple way. I'm sure Mark would like to get as many suggestions as possible; or so he has said.

Mark has yet to be heard from on the suggestion of the "suggestion box" you've requested so argument on your part by reference to Mark is a logical fallacy involving misuse of authority. On top of that, there is nothing preventing "beta" from passing as many suggestions to Mark as he would ever be able to read let alone implement. The "suggestion box" you want won't be just another route for passing suggestions to Mark; it's very clearly, based on your own earlier comments, intended to pass along suggestions while hiding them from comment by your peers. When it comes to making suggestions "in a simple way," I guess stifling all other opinions does make it easier to make suggestions... but it also makes it easier for poorly thought out ideas to make it thru to Mark without accompanying comments that point out serious flaws in the original idea or that suggest valuable improvements on the original idea... improvement in this case being to scrap the original idea completely.

You're making a lot of assumptions here about "clearly intended to hide." Yes, I want to hide trivial suggestions that don't affect anyone and that I don't want to get dragged into unnecessary discussions about.

But since we'd never see those suggestions, who but you (and other proposers using that route) determines that they don't affect anyone else?

Other users may not want to join a group like beta.

Other users already belong to a group of some sort, so joining a group obviously isn't a huge problem for them. It only becomes a problem if they make it one by not putting comments made in beta into proper perspective. It could also become extremely annoying and time consuming if they saw every comment as something that needed to be responded to and crushed.

This entire conversation is against Mark's explicit exhortation not to criticize suggestions here. If that can't be followed, I'd say that a suggestion box becomes a necessity.

Circular logic. Because your idea seeks to disenfranchise the opinion of others here it is drawing opposition and because of that opposition the need for the "suggestion box" you suggest is proven? Nonsense! While pure criticism with no intent to seek improvement is wrong, so is the desire to stifle any discussion at all.

Jim H


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