moderated Re: email addresses for suggesting features offlist from beta #suggestion

Samuel Murrayy

On 2019/04/03 07:01 PM, J_Catlady wrote:

I can see no real argument against a suggestion box for a product.
I was about to respond by saying that that is a good idea -- let there be a link at the bottom of the main page that people can click to send off a quick suggestion.

Then I checked the bottom of the main page to see where the most
appropriate place for such a link would be, and I thought it would be
under "About". And then... then I saw this on the About page:

Help Us Improve
Have an idea for a feature? Join the Beta group, where we discuss
upcoming features.

[[So, it would appear as if the developers' chosen route for suggestions
is to join the beta list and discuss new features. And it makes sense,
because it allows the suggestor to clarify anything that isn't clear, so
that the developers don't have to spend effort clarifying it later.

It appears to me that the suggestion isn't there to solve a problem that
the developers might potentially have, but rather to solve a problem
that the suggestor has. That is why some of us replied by helpfully
pointing out existing ways to solve the suggestor's perceived problem.]]

Some users either may not want to join beta, some not even
know about it...
Very few RFE systems allow anonymous wishlist posting. In most RFE
systems, you have to at least register in order to submit RFEs. I do
not think it is odd to require this.

..., and some may want to use the "suggestion box" once in awhile for
a very simple suggestion that requires no discussion.
Okay, here's my proposed variation on your suggestion:

If such an anonymous suggestion feature be implemented, I would
recommend that the anonymous tip be sent not to a separate mailing list
but to the beta list itself. This would allow people to submit RFEs
without themselves having to sign up for the beta list, while giving the
developers all the benefits of new suggestions being discussed.

Upon clicking the submit button, the anonymous tip giver can then get a
message saying that his suggestion was successfully posted to the
suggestions mailing list, and that if he is interested in what others
think of his suggestion, he can bookmark the link and visit back.

Such tips would obviously be moderated, so that people can't use the
feature to spam the group anonymously.

I suspect group members would be less eager to respond to anonymous suggestions unless they have something useful to add. So you'll get your wish in the end: if it is truly a very simple suggestion that requires no discussion, then little or no discussion will happen.

If Mark determines that a suggestion dropped into the suggestion box
requires extensive deconstruction on beta, he can always poll users
here about it.
You said this before, but it just seems so backwards to me. It isn't as
if the developers are just sitting there waiting for cool ideas to roll
in, and spend time evaluating each one before posting it to the group.

Having suggestions discussed by default saves everyone time (except
perhaps members who try to read all messages).

It's astounding to me that anyone here would argue against adding
such a feature.
From my perspective, you're essentially arguing for a suggestion feature
that would bypass the scrutiny of the beta group members.


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