moderated Re: email addresses for suggesting features offlist from beta #suggestion

Chris Jones

On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 06:54 PM, J_Catlady wrote:
Adding a "suggestion email box" distinctly does not "affect us all.
It distinctly might, if the suggestion was wrong to start with and Mark did not pick up on that fact. Within the obvious point that some Groups are paid for and others are not, we are all equal as owners and moderators.
In some ways you seem to be asking for something that could result in some being more equal than others.

Beta is certainly something of a rough and tumble, but any idea for a "feature" should be forced to survive in that rough and tumble and not creep in without scrutiny; a really good suggestion will get through unscathed; a potentially good idea not fully thought through will be kicked around and either improved or ditched as appropriate, and the really duff ideas can be kicked into the long grass once and for all.

In the case of one recent suggestion I can think of at least 2 ways of achieving the specified goal without asking Mark for any new "feature". Mark must be nearly driven to distraction with suggestions to fulfil some requirement that can be worked around with a bit of thought.

As a confirmed masochist I actually read posts on this group, but when I see one starting "It would be a good idea if..." I know I'm going to hate it.


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