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On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 03:25 AM, Shal Farley wrote:
anyone contemplating posting a question or comment here about someone else's suggestion should feel free to post that first in GMF or Group_Help if you're unsure about how it might relate to existing features or alternate ways of doing things (work-arounds).
I lied, it wasn't my last comment. :) I totally, 100% agree with Shal here. As it happens, I am so intimately familiar with the Group Guidelines feature - I originally suggested it, I fought for it against those who didn't want it, and after Mark implemented it, I personally wrote the Help text for it (which I posted earlier in this thread). So anyone "Liking" this comment by Shal should look in the mirror, because it also should apply to people commenting on a suggestion. Everyone, with the exception of Shal, who commented in my thread suggesting the simple option to make Guidelines a sticky topic was grossly unfamiliar with the feature. And yet they jumped right in, made suggestions that were off the mark (because they didn't fit with the feature as it currently exists), questioned me relentlessly about it, asked for help in understanding the current functionality over and over again, etc. So yes, people suggesting a feature SHOULD ask in GMF first. But so should people jumping in to comment on someone else's suggestion.

A couple of years ago I suggested some feature or other, and I distinctly remember being grilled here on why I wanted it. I answered as briefly as I could (or wanted to) and someone here said, "How can we help you if you don't explain what you want?" I responded that I was not here for "help." I was here to suggest a feature to Mark, and one I felt sure he would understand. People in beta seem to treat it constantly as if it's GMF.  There really needs to be a distinction made.

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