moderated Re: Add country flag for users

Samuel Murrayy

On 2019/03/30 12:39 AM, BenoƮt Dumeaux wrote:

[I suggest to] add country flag for users, [as mentioned in this old
post:] That could be
very interesting for groups of international community.
This sort of thing works well on systems where users identify their country of original when they sign up, but doesn't know from what countries people are from.

There are some ways to guess it, e.g. the TLD, so, someone with a mail address ending on .io would be from the British Indian Ocean Territory. Oh, wait.

Another option would be for the system to look up the sender's sending server against an online database to see where the server is located, but not everyone uses a mail sending server in their own country.

Then there is the issue of privacy. If a user identifies his country in his profile, then that is private information unless he specifically gives permission for that information to be displayed to the public.

Also, someone would have to to keep the flag database up to date. This is not something simple, and it is fraught with political issues. Will a resident of Kosovo end up with a Serbian flag next to his name? Etc.


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