moderated Re: email addresses for suggesting features offlist from beta #suggestion


(once again straying into the meta-argument)

J wrote:

there's questions about the current basic functionality (which belong in GMF),

That's not at all a spurious or dismissive comment. Those who've been reading beta long enough may remember that Mark put links to GroupManagersForum (GMF) and Group_Help on beta's home page specifically with the intent that discussion in beta be limited so that he can keep up with suggested improvements to the site.
See Changes to beta@ to reduce traffic.

GMF and Group_Help do welcome both novice and expert questions and comments about and its features. Each of those groups had that as its core mission well before Mark asked us to step up and help off-load that traffic from beta.

My own interpretation of how the regular readers of beta should behave is fairly strict: comment on someone else's suggestion only if you have something to add that is worthy of Mark's time [beta #19332].

there's interrogation about "what exactly is being requested," etc.

I do believe that sometimes questions and comments "from the gallery" can aid Mark by eliciting a better description of the suggestion, refining it, and/or enhancing it. But that requires both judgement and restraint: it shouldn't feel like interrogation -- Mark wants us to maintain a welcoming atmosphere for people's suggestions (see Feature bloat and what should and should not be added).

At the risk of being self-serving I'll offer that anyone contemplating posting a question or comment here about someone else's suggestion should feel free to post that first in GMF or Group_Help if you're unsure about how it might relate to existing features or alternate ways of doing things (work-arounds).

It seems to be impossible to make a simple, even trivial suggestion for some little improvement without a drawn-out tempest in a teapot here. It's getting to be too much.

Let me suggest that it wouldn't get to be a tempest if you'd just take it off the burner. That is, if someone's comment or question doesn't doesn't seem helpful to you then take Samuel's advice and don't respond. You'll be a lot less exhausted that way and more importantly Mark will likely be a lot less exhausted that way. IMO responding to chaff only perpetuates a broken-windows syndrome in beta by setting a bad example.


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