locked Re: suggestion about (replies to) digests


I get this group's messages sent to my inbox in the form of a digest.  I subscribe to one Care2 group and receive messages in the form of a digest.  I also get messages from a Big Tent group in the form of digests.  All of these groups supply the link to reply to a message via the group site.  It is so easy to just click the link at the bottom of the message to reply to the message.  I am just not seeing what the problem is.  It sure is a lot better than receiving messages in one of my Yahoo groups where the member is replying to a digest and doesn't change the subject or delete all of the digest messages that are not necessary to the reply he is writing. 

Now, this morning, when I clicked on the link to reply to this message, I got taken to the message; but, I then had to click on Reply to open a message form.  I do not know if it can be done; but, for some people, it might work to have the message form already open.  

In the beginning, when I first joined this group, there were a lot of messages being sent to my inbox.  While I have never been fond of digests, I switched to digest mode for this group.  I find it so much easier to read messages.  My biggest complaint is that many people are not trimming their messages.  This is the main reason I prefer reading message replies with the reply being written above the message being replied to.  Chances are, I have already read the message being replied to and really shouldn't have to read through it again in order to find the message reply. 

I realize that my opinion is mine alone and that many people may not share it and that's okay. 


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