moderated Re: log activity "started new topic" #suggestion


Oh, another reason: I have been making substantial use of Helen's idea for the "MF" posting status. Now, almost all of our members are on that status so that I can check their posting titles, which in our group have to conform to a certain format. So most new topics now automatically have the first message moderated. However, sometimes a message comes into pending for moderation and I can't tell whether that's because it's a new topic, or because the member is on moderation. With thread titles in our group sometimes really similar to each other, as I mentioned above (e.g., "Fluffy hasn't pooped yet" and "Fluffly hasn't pooped yet - should I increase her dosage?" - that kind of thing) - it's next to impossible to tell sometimes whether or not a message is a new topic, and whether it's moderated because of that or because of other reasons (a moderated thread or member). 

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