moderated Paid groups join flow


Hi All,

I'm working to finish up the new feature that will allow group owners to charge subscriptions or ask for donations of their members. I have a question about how the flow should go for someone joining one of these groups. Subscribe by email will be disabled for groups that charge subscriptions.

Right now, the join a group via the website flow is as follows (ignoring logged out vs logged in):

1) Person clicks the Join This Group/Apply For Membership button
2) They are either added directly to the group, or if it's restricted, they are given a pending subscription.

Where should I put the step in where they select a paid subscription and pay for it? For non-restricted groups, it seems straightforward: after they click the Join This Group button, but before they are given a subscription to the group.

For restricted groups, I propose that it also happens when they click on the Apply For Membership button, and before they get a pending subscription.

Given the above, no activity record would be generated before someone selects/pays for a subscription. Is that ok?

For restricted groups, the person would be paying for the subscription before you approve/deny them. If you deny them, then you'd have to also refund their subscription, which is an extra step. Is that ok? If you want to approve them before they pay, then I think we'd have to add an additional subscription type (like normal, pending, banned). Something shorter than 'pending on payment' maybe.

Am I missing anything?


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