moderated Re: Maintain Defaults Whenever Practical #suggestion


I am curious:

Ro: What specifically do you not like about it?
What feed pages do you like? Can you give examples of feed pages you check regularly and what you like about them?
What do you feel the goal of a feed page ought to be?

Leeni: What do you like about the feed page on Fotki or other platforms you use that have feed pages?

To those who do not enjoy the feed page, obviously by now you know you don't have to use it, it's not a replacement for anything - it's an addition.
But I am curious: what feed pages DO you enjoy and regularly refer to? What do you feel a feed page should accomplish and feature in a site where content is user generated?

Maybe this belongs in a new topic where we can share constructive criticism to make this new feature even better.
And if you don't believe in the purpose of feeds at all, or don't want one, don't use any other sites that have them, or feel they are necessary - that's kind of a different story?


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