moderated Re: Feed view now the default



It's on the pale grey bar, near the top (but below the blue logo bar, with the Your Groups drop-list), that is above the main page contents. For Topics and Hashtag views, what I see is 'Your Groups' (with icon) - in blue and under-lined, so a link, hovering on which shows it as to - and is followed by (in black) name/description of view (All topics, #Muted Hashtags, etc.).

Oh, I thought you were talking about Topics and Hashtags within a group's pages:

Screenshot of
          top left Topics page in beta group

I couldn't imagine why you would see something different in the breadcrumb (pale grey) bar. But you were talking about home pages:

Screenshot of
          upper left corner of home page topics

So now I get it. Yes, that link text is misleading because the URL is to the home page, whichever one you currently see. I think that qualifies as a bug worthy of report to

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