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Jim Higgins

On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 09:45 PM, Ken Kloeber wrote:


<<<1) There is logic to the Private button being grey. It's not active. When
you press the button to active a private reply, it changes color. This is in
keeping with how other buttons are colored on the site.>>>

NO!!!! There's no defending that logic
I agree! Might be in keeping with buttons on the site that I'm not familiar with because I'm a via email type of guy, but that approach to button coloring is completely out of sync with the rest of the button producing world where buttons are made grey to show they're non-functional.

Why not just have two buttons -- green "send to group" and blue "send a
private message to the sender (or poster)"? Saves clicks!
Grayed-out means "don't bother trying to use me", "I don't do anything" and
"always" has meant this -- until SOMEONE tries to redefine the traditional
role of the use of the gray color (just to be different, not better.)
A grayed out feature button MEANS -- don't tread on me, it's useless, I am
asleep and I will not wake up no matter how hard/often you click or curse at
the screen.
Yes! Yes to the idea of two (or very few) buttons and especially to the illogic of a button intended to be used being rendered as grey.

Carrying on with Ken's suggestion... I think the whole sequence involving creating a reply and THEN deciding whether to click "Reply to Group" or to VERY unintuitively click a greyed out "Private" button to make the "Reply to Group" button change to "Reply to Sender" so I can then click "Reply to Sender" is completely bass ackwards.

IMHO, when reading a message online - as I'm doing now for the first time ever on Gio - and deciding you want to reply, you should see - as Ken basically just suggested - buttons saying "Reply to Group" and "Reply to Sender" (no "Private" button) and then ONLY AFTER clicking one of those should you see the reply creation screen. Now you type your reply and when done either click "Discard" or click the one other button that says I don't care what as long as it translates unambiguously to "Send My Reply."

Before seeing the reply creation screen, I'm fine with additional reply option buttons such as "Reply to Group and Sender," etc, etc, as well as restricting the choice of reply types in accord with settings the group owner may have made when setting up the group. But once a reply has been typed, the only choices should be discard or send.

Jim H

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