moderated Re: Reply to Sender


<<<1) There is logic to the Private button being grey. It's not active. When you press the button to active a private reply, it changes color. This is in keeping with how other buttons are colored on the site.>>>
NO!!!!  There's no defending that logic
To be precise, the button DOES NOT simply change or activate a private reply..  Hitting the button (that is grayed out and by convention it is NOT "active," NOT "a valid choice", and "does NOT work") creates ANOTHER and different action,  It CHANGES A DIFFERENT button (green "send to group") to blue, "reply to sender", and yes, the grayed button ALSO goes to blue.   HUH??!? From a user point of use this makes no sense at all. 
Maybe from a developer's view/world it does. 
Why not just have two buttons -- green "send to group" and blue "send a private message to the sender (or poster)"?  Saves clicks! 
Grayed-out means "don't bother trying to use me", "I don't do anything" and "always" has meant this -- until SOMEONE tries to redefine the traditional role of the use of the gray color (just to be different, not better.)    A grayed out feature button MEANS -- don't tread on me, it's useless, I am asleep and I will not wake up no matter how hard/often you click or curse at the screen.


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