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On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 11:42 AM, Noel Leaver wrote:
The button says "Reply to Group" for my groups. When I click on the Private button it changes to "Reply to Sende
I think there's an element of confusion with use of the word "button" in this conversation. A "button" is something you can click on; that's the one at right which says "private." After you click on that, the green area at the left of "discard" changes from "reply to group" to "reply to sender." But I would not call that a button.

I wonder whether it's confusing to have an actual clickable button ("discard") next to a non-clickable informational area (the green "reply to group" or "reply to sender" area) but this is probably getting too far afield. I think it is, however, causing or contributing to the mixing up of "private" vs "reply to sender" in this conversation.

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