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On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 01:44 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
1) There is logic to the Private button being grey. It's not active. When you press the button to active a private reply, it changes color. This is in keeping with how other buttons are colored on the site.
Yes, and it feels perfect to me as is for that reason.It's greyed out til you activate it - like on other sites.
And as Sarah mentions, once you click to activate it you do get "reply to sender" written on the button that before had "reply to group" or vice-versa.
I get zero complaints about this aspect of the interface on my end for what it's worth.

2) We add 'Private:' to the subject line for these responses. When you send a private message to someone via the group directory, we prepend '[DM]' to the subject. Should these both be consistent/the same word? Note also that we look for messages sent to the group that have a subject starting with 'Private:' and bounce those back to the sender. If the word were to be changed, I don't particularly like the word 'Off-list' because I generally like to use the word group instead of list, because groups are much more than mailing lists.
I am fine with the way things are.

While Direct Message and Private Message are somewhat used interchangeably, there are subtleties.
I think DM's are DM's when they are not part of a topic. Sent as stand alone direct messages to a member from a member. They are more intimate.
You are essentially starting a conversation where there was none.

Whereas private replies are replies to topics which are sent privately and are in a context of a group discussion/chat.

Also, while you could call them both DM's, that "private" button would look weird and not intuitive if instead of "private" it said "direct" or "DM"  - not everyone knows yet what DM stands for even if it's used freely as a verb these days.


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